Collection: WKidea


In this modern society with extremely convenient resources, people often develop the habit of throwing away things after use. However, through innovative digital technology, we have the opportunity to redefine this value. After years of research and development, we renovate the retained old wood, furniture scraps, etc.: removing iron nails, surface paint, cement, etc., giving them a new look and value. This progress not only conveys the plasticity of resources, but also demonstrates the importance of sustainable development.

Desgin thinking

How to get rid of the incompatible design that has both the fish (fall resistance) and the bear's paw (texture) is a topic we have been thinking about. It preserves the texture and nature of logs and reduces the cost of design and manufacturing. Therefore, we combine anti-fall cases and MagSafe wireless charging and other trends to officially launch "iPhone Log Anti-fall Phone Case" and "iPhone MagSafe Log Anti-drop Phone Case" and other technology and wood-related designs can meet your requirements for technology and texture.