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Taiwan Longbai iPhone MagSafe full range of log anti-fall phone cases

Taiwan Longbai iPhone MagSafe full range of log anti-fall phone cases

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【Carefully selected materials】

Cypress is a variant of cypress and is often used for road tree planting, courtyard and park landscaping, etc. The tree trunk grows upright and can reach about 16 meters in height. The whole tree is green and has a unique fragrance. The crown is tower-shaped or cylindrical, and the branches are convoluted and coiled upward, like a coiled dragon holding a pillar, so it is named Longcypress. . (Edited by Wikipedia)

【Design Thinking】

How to get rid of the incompatible design (anti-fall) and texture (texture) is a topic we have been thinking about. Retaining the texture and naturalness of logs can also reduce the cost of design and manufacturing, so we officially launch the "Log Anti-fall Case for iPhone Series".

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【Technical capability】

We give full play to the advantages of MagSafe technology and provide a convenient way to store and use your iPhone. You can easily attach various accessories such as chargers and card holders. Magnets are cleverly embedded in thin wood slices of only 1.7mm, aiming to maintain the efficiency of wireless charging. This technology breaks through the challenge of raw material processing capabilities and successfully realizes the design concept of having both fish and cake.
(Note: Please use a mobile power bank that supports MagSafe wireless charging. When the wireless charging distance is less than 3mm, wireless charging may not be available)
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【Production process】

The rigorous attitude of slow work and meticulous work brings new life to the old wood, multiple layers of manual sanding and waxing, and no slack in every detail, re-integrating traditional craftsmanship with digital manufacturing. PPT marketing.001

【Sustainable development】

In the existing consumer market, there is a possibility that wood that cannot be turned into lumber will be classified as offcuts or discarded waiting to be minced or burned. We actively recycle various small materials, classify the collection, and carry out various processing according to size. Product design and development.
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【Ordering Instructions】

1: Selecting textures does not mean providing materials for texture screening, but informing you of your preferred texture form (straight lines or ripples), and we will handle the shipment at random. If you need to specify texture or material (heavy oil), we will quote separately.

2: After payment is made, we estimate that shipment will be completed within 2 to 3 working days. If there is an urgent need, please inform and negotiate separately, thank you.

3: The product portfolio does not include wireless chargers and wood for display
Wood phone cases/covers|iPhone 15 cases are new every day! Orange - Taiwanese cypress iPhone MagSafe series log anti-fall phone case
【product weight】
iPhone 13 Pro weighs about 45g. Please note that the size and material type of the phone case may vary.

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