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Side push sliding cover type log business card box Taiwanese cypress

Side push sliding cover type log business card box Taiwanese cypress

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Taiwanese cypress

【Carefully selected materials】

World Heritage Taiwanese cypress is mainly divided into two types: Taiwanese cypress (yellow cypress) and red cypress. It is difficult to distinguish them from the appearance of the trunk, but they can be slightly distinguished through the texture and taste. Taiwanese cypress essential oil has a unique scent that exudes a feeling of comfort, freshness and softness. It has stress-relieving and odor-removing effects on the body, mind, and space.

【Design Thinking】

After being tempered in the workplace, I realized the importance of respecting each other and each other. From the act of exchanging business cards, passing them with both hands is an expression of mutual respect. I transformed the behavioral pattern into the design of the work, using the patented side-sliding concept to elegantly convey the sincerity and importance of the business card with both hands.

Side push sliding cover business card box manual_single side

【Technical capability】

The top cover and bottom box of the business card box are made of original materials and CNC carved. Through the principle of magnetic attraction, the upper cover can be easily pushed and slid left and right without deviating from the designed fan-shaped trajectory. The sides of the bottom box adopt a large arc design and shape to ensure that each business card can be passed to the other party smoothly.

【Sustainable development】

Sustainable development has always been our core concept. Under this core, we use innovation, environmental protection, and sustainability to reinterpret retained or discarded old wood and furniture scraps, giving them new life and value. Move forward towards the SDGs 12 goals, drive and promote green economy, and sustainable consumption and production models.

PPT marketing.001


1: Appearance size: about 105 x 70 x 15 mm
2: Business card size: 90 x 52 x 6.0 mm (about 15~20 business cards, because the thickness of each business card is different)

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