our origins

The origin of the design, development and manufacturing of Weilikan Creative does indeed originate from the country of wood, and the beginning of all this can be attributed to the designer's experience in Japan. After living in Japan for a period of time in 1999, he returned to Taiwan and joined a Japanese trading company and served there for a total of ten years. During this period, the designer was deeply influenced and inspired by Japanese culture countless times, inspiring his love and pursuit of "change", "innovation" and "design".つづく

Start the journey of wood

Design directors have long suffered from hand hyperhidrosis, possibly due to stress or compromised immunity. However, since I came into contact with the all-solid wood phone case, the problem of hand hyperhidrosis miraculously disappeared. His deep love for this natural material was something he could no longer shake off.

our firm belief

Weilikan Creative has always been the pioneer of iPhone log casings. Starting from the iPhone 4 series, we have continuously developed various material properties and processing processes. We are proud to announce that we have always been committed to this field.

our perseverance

Our perseverance is the driving force for continuous innovation and quality improvement. Through continuous efforts and perseverance, Weilikan Creative is committed to providing customers with a better product experience and continues to lead the field of log shells.

Digital Woodcraft

The road ahead

Moving towards sustainable development has become a top priority. With many years of experience, we are committed to driving the transformation of digital processes. If you have the same idea, welcome to contact us to create a better future together.

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