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Geometric mountain-shaped chopstick holder <Order two sets and get one set for free>

Geometric mountain-shaped chopstick holder <Order two sets and get one set for free>

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【Design Thinking】

The geometric shapes on all sides show the majesty and magnificence of the mountain. Every angle seems to depict the magical landscape of nature, making people feel like they are in the mountains.

The difference in geometric slope between the front and back makes people feel the distance and closeness of the mountain. Maybe you are looking at the mountains in the distance, or maybe you are standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the canyon. This chopstick holder brings such a scene into your life, adding a touch of nature to the dining scene.

The large arc shape in front of the chopstick holder not only enhances the stability of chopstick placement, but also makes the overall shape more like a mountain. It symbolizes the extension of valleys and mountains, injecting the rich charm of nature into daily life.

This chopstick holder is not only a practical piece of tableware, but also a work of art with a sense of art and design. Let us experience the beauty of nature together and incorporate this tranquility and peace into every meal.

【Carefully selected materials】

1: Taiwanese Cinnamomum camphora, 1 set of 2 pieces

2: Taiwan mahogany, 1 set of 2 pieces

3: Taiwan acacia wood (heat modified), 1 set of 2 pieces

4: Taiwanese cypress, 1 set of 2 pieces

5: Taiwan Xiao Nanmu, 1 set of 2 pieces

【Sustainable Thinking】

Sustainable thinking is one of the key values ​​of our brand. When making this chopstick holder, we will use the scraps cut from the logs and reprocess them to achieve a higher utilization rate of the logs. This approach not only reduces wood waste, but is also in line with our commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.

The core tenet of our brand is "We focus on maximizing wooden design in our kernel idea", which means we focus on maximizing the use of wood design and integrate this design idea into our products. Through innovative design and the use of wood trim, we are committed to creating more beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly products, while passing this design concept to more consumers and jointly promoting the concept of sustainable development.

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